Free Soul Community
Free Soul Community

We're creating a Community for creative Free Souls

To inspire, create healthy relations, generate financial freedom and live life to the fullest.

What is the Free Soul Community?

Your home for a creative, independent free lifestyle. 

The Free Soul Community is a private online community for you if you aspire to live an innovative, independent free lifestyle that incorporates healthy relations, soul connection, new experiences, financial freedom, and everything else that's important to you.

The focus is on helping each other create location-independent income from scratch and support to express our full potential.

Want to be a creative Free Soul or already are? 

This Community is the place to be. 

Here's why:

If you're working on creating an independent free lifestyle, you know how tough it can be when you don't have many people in your life who understand what you're trying to do. If you've always wished you could be surrounded by people who 'get' you rather than trying to convince your family and friends that your creative ideas are actually really keen, the Free Soul Community is the place to be.

Even better, getting support from like-minded people on the same path or who've been through it already means the heaviest lifting is done for you. Sharing wisdom to create financial freedom and making the next step to living life to the fullest is super valuable.

And if you're already living an independent free lifestyle, you know that it isn't always easy, no matter how long you've been doing it. Maybe you're feeling lonely or tired of still having to sort out yet another idea and strategy as things continue to evolve. 

The Free Soul Community is a place where you can be yourself and let it all hang out, where you can celebrate your wins as well as the tough days, without judgment. You're in good company—we've been there too!

No matter where you are on your independent free lifestyle journey, the Community is your home.

Who is in the Community?

Most community members learn how to get an online income and become financially free. Whether through remote work, online coaching and training, affiliate programs, webshops, or other creative means. 

We talk about tools and strategies to build and sustain an online business and create an independent free lifestyle.

Who are we?

Coen Tuerlings & Sumaya Femke Zwart

Facilitators, and experts in force fields, resonance awareness within relationships and groups. Influenced by the original thinking of ancient communities. Creating new online and offline techniques that are at the service of the community in general.

Coen Tuerlings: 

Tribal Coaching, Motivational Training, Body Awareness, Expanded Awareness, Public Speaking, Online Business Coaching.

"I help Creative Free Souls to explore their potential. Build your dream life, with the right tools and support, and take back your freedom. Learn to access essential thoughts, feelings, imaginations, visions that help to clear your mind, improve your life, and be connected to a natural flow." 

Sumaya Femke Zwart: 

Voice Coaching, Sound Expression, Emotional Bodywork, Tantra, Connecting Communication. 

"I help Creative Free Souls to express themselves authentically. Feel at ease and explore what's alive inside of your heart. Discover your potential and have the courage to live your life the way you want instead of adjusting to others. Giving space in which everything is welcome to be felt and expressed."

What do they say?

Frank Bruining

Founder of The Modern Shaman
You rarely come across them, authentic trainers, coaches, storytellers. Coen is one of them. Someone who shares his passion with his heart and from his heart. It's all about resonance. If you want to experience what sound, voice, and movement can mean for you and want to do it professionally in a delightful atmosphere, go to Coen. Yes, you hardly see them that way. Thank you, Coen, for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Loes Berkhout  

Trainer non-violent communication

Sumaya Femke directly touched me when we first met. Her purity, transparency, self-knowledge, and creativity inspire me a lot.

Lars Faber

Coen, you have good experience in entrepreneurship because of your many adventures, but what matters most is what you do with it; you use extremely socially relevant work. You also know how to build a bridge between the mind-ruled Matrix and the heart's unexplored area through resonance, awareness, mindfulness, and bodywork. Your work is perceived by many as a blessing, and you can be proud of it. We are happy to work with you. Keep up da good work!

Carry Geukens

I have met you, Sumaya Femke, personally a couple of times, and you touch me. Why? Because you just want to be you. You dare to search, to find, and to be. With your openness, you can inspire people to be themselves. In their vulnerability, their fear, their joy, everything is ok. Good luck to you, beautiful woman, with the message you want to carry out.

Albert Sonnevelt

Founder Sonnevelt Education
Coen is one of the purest feeling coaches I know. He has found the right balance between being able to empathize empathically and, at the same time, being able to define it clearly. His methods have a unique combination of conscious body experience, penetrating resonance, and honest feedback. He is also an amiable person who is a beautiful example of how you can combine work and care for your family.

Grace Walker

Sumaya Femke is a gifted healer and voice coach in a way that is integrated into herself as a woman and as a compassionate and caring human being. She has a deep acceptance of others and a remarkable ability to come alongside someone she is supporting with that sense. In that way, you are not alone when you work with Sumaya in any way. As well as her care, she has a way of bringing lightness and fun and laughter is never far away. In this way, she points to joy in the world and helps open pathways of happiness for us to walk along. Her connection with sound and music is a natural part of who she is, and in meeting Sumaya Femke, you will meet a naturalness that you cannot help but feel at home with.

Tove Elin Berg


I love your presence, Sumaya Femke, earthiness, and love – so strongly presented through your voice.

How to join?


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